Happy International Kissing Day!

Pucker Up!

Smooching, Tonsil-hockey, laying a wet one on someone, swapping spit- whatever you pleasure- pucker up.


Did you know that kissing can help you burn calories?  If you smooch for about an hour, you can burn up to 60 calories…

Did you know that kissing also boosts immunity?  Yup, kissing for about 10 minutes helps you and your partner share around 80 million bacterias which sound gross however sharing your germs help your body fight infections!

Also, kissing can help you release stress… Anything related to love and affection is a positive in one’s life…

Do you have allergies? If so, kiss a little more because is you smooch for around 30 minutes in a private room with soft music- symptoms from allergies will improve…

And the kicker to kissing, it can help you live longer…according to scientists -they say “Studies also suggest that kissing your loved ones every day has the power to impact your lifespan. The more you kiss, the longer you live!”