Happy National Brother And Sister Day!

Did you get along with your siblings as kids?

Today is dedicated to the people who (we hope) made your childhood memorable — your siblings. They’ve been there for you during the good times. And they haven’t left your side through the bad (even if they created it by getting you in trouble). 


Of course, there were probably times when you couldn’t stand the sight of each other. What siblings don’t get into fights? Still, National Brothers and Sisters Day is the day to reflect on the best times this May 2.


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Brothers and sisters for a lot of people are each other’s first best friends, first sparring partners, and one of their most valued protectors. Each year the holiday is celebrated at the beginning of May — the middle of spring, a time for blooming. It’s the perfect time of the year to water and nurture your relationship no matter how weak or strong it may be.


We all agree about the importance of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But brothers and sisters know you like no one else ever will.



Life is short, and it’s easy to get caught up on the little things that may come your way. National Brothers and Sisters Day was created after an unknown woman lost her brother and realized how she never let him know how much he meant to her. Two years after his death, she decided to create a holiday that was all about siblings connecting, reconnecting, and appreciating each other so that others didn’t miss out on what she did: a close relationship with her brother. And thus, National Brothers and Sisters Day was born.