Happy “Pick Blueberries” Day!

Summer means local fruits and veggies!

July 10th is “Pick Blueberries” Day. Although blueberry season hasn’t arrived just yet, we are preparing you with three local options for picking some blueberries in the coming weeks.

Thunder Beach Berry Farm

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Address: 1369 County Road 6, Penetanguishene

Thunder Beach Berry Farm is a 3rd generation “U-Pick” berry farm that touts their pesticide-free berries in Penetanguishene.

Blueberries are still two weeks away from picking but strawberries are in full season at Thunder Beach. To get full details about the conditions on the day of your visit, Thunder Beach asks that you call ahead.

Barrie Hill Farms

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Address: 2935 Barrie Hill Rd, Barrie

Barrie Hill Farms is in full strawberry swing right now with blueberry picking beginning in late July. The crop of strawberries this year at Barrie Hill (and most growers) has been abundant with all the rain. Barrie Hill has “U-Pick” and “pre-picked” options for their berries, peas and much more.

Barrie Hill Farms has been around since 1968 and has much more to offer than just berries; they have also have a farm market for all things local. Call ahead and you’ll be treated to the farm’s pre-recorded message containing information about what’s available on the day of your visit.

Fernwood Farms & Market

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Address: 7865 Highway 26, Stayner

Fernwood is a little farther than the first two options, but also has options for pick-your-own berries, with blueberries being available closer to the month of August.

Strawberry season for Fernwood has just completed, but they also have peas for picking. You can follow their Facebook page for updates on their hours/crops and to ask questions.

CC image courtesy of mellow-stuff mie via Flickr