Harry Styles Hangs Out At Fans House!

Can you imagine?

Proving that dreams really do come true, a Harry Styles fan shared a pretty cool story about the time the singer’s car broke down in front of her house.


The singer was invited to wait for a tow truck! Pretty cool! Here’s the thing, imagine coming home to find out that you missed hanging out with your favourite singer.


Superfan Theadora, shared pictures of the singer hanging out in her house after her father invited him in for tea while he waited for a tow truck…


Styles reportedly passed the time by drinking a cup of tea with Theadora’s dad, signing her albums (and adding a COVID-friendly mask to the cover), and feeding her fish.


Styles did leave a note for Theadora saying,

“Looking forward to meeting you soon. Treat people with kindness. All my love, Harry. P.S. I fed the fish.” Dead.