Have We Taken ALL the Fun Out of Kids Playgrounds??

Now that I’m taking my own kid to the playground I’ve noticed how much things […]

Now that I’m taking my own kid to the playground I’ve noticed how much things have changed. Obviously it’s geared toward the safety of our kids but in saying that, how did we survive then? Everything is plastic and built as low to the ground as possible. I’m surprised there aren’t Purell dispensers attached to each piece of equipment because we’re so worried about getting dirty.

Playgrounds had elements of challenging risk, danger and intimidation for kids but that was the attraction.


Monkey Bars

p - monkey

Likely the most popular of any playground. I can remember sprinting to the monkey bars at recess so I could be the first to climb and sit on the top, which seemed extremely high at the time.


The Merry Go-Round

p - merry

Even as a fearless child you were always slightly scared of these but maybe that was part of the high speed fun, that you could go flying off at any point. Spend a few minutes on one and then try to walk around with out falling to the ground in dizziness.



p - teeter

Some of these may still exist but I can guarantee they’re plastic and very small. I remember some of them being so tall that you were propelled into the air and holding on for dear life. Again, it just seemed part of the thrill that you wouldn’t dare let go.


Metal Slide

p - metal slide

Slides today are pretty much an exact opposite of what they used to be. Metal slides were menacing in size, they towered above kids and the more of a slope the better. It felt like it took 2 minutes to climb the ladder and you could see for miles from the top. Of course you wanted off the slide asap because on a hot day the metal would turn your butt into an extreme sun burn.


Giant Sphere Thingy

p - sphere

These things just screamed, “Climb me!” There could be 10 kids at once climbing from all directions or even hanging by the legs on the inside. It was endless fun until the sound of the bell. Of course everyone jumped from the top at least once, just to show your buddies you weren’t scared.

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