Have You Ever Seen This on the Water?

Camping this weekend, we saw what looked a mini tornado on the water!

This weekend, we traveled 4 hours north to the Little French River for our annual camping trip. Our family has been going to the same spot for almost 40 years, well before the area was deemed a provincial park. It’s beautiful and quiet.

This weekend, as we were packing up out tents, we saw something we’ve never ever seen before, here or anywhere else.

It sounded like a small motor and it looked like a tiny tornado on the water. It was perfectly clear sunny afternoon with just  a bit of a breeze so it was strange to see this thing whip across the water from down the river then crossing over to the other side before disappearing.  It probably lasted 15 seconds and when it was gone there was line of tiny bubbles in the water showing the path it had taken.

It was incredible. And none of us had a recording device to capture it.

So, not knowing what the phenomenon is called, I looked it up online and found one video showing what we had seen. It’s not the best video but you’ll get the idea.

Have you ever seen something like this? Do you know what the technical name for it is?