HBO is suing Pornhub for posting very steaming sex scenes from Game of Thrones

Apparently the scenes are borderline porn worthy and now HBO is throwing cold water on […]

Apparently the scenes are borderline porn worthy and now HBO is throwing cold water on the situation with Pornhub!

Pornhub saw its online viewership drop 4% — or about one million people — in the hour before Game of Thrones. Pornhub viewers love the mother of dragon’s character, played by Emilia Clarke!…

Oddly, Thrones has cast a number of porn stars in some minor roles — and at least one major one.

ugly naked guy1

Even casual viewers of Friends will probably have heard of Ugly Naked Guy, the naturist neighbour who entertains and horrifies Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Rachel throughout the first five seasons of the hit sitcom.
However, while Ugly Naked Guy is frequently the butt of many jokes, he famously doesn’t show his face in either of his two appearances in Friends. As a result, his casting has remained a mystery to those few who ever wondered who played the character – including to many people on the Friends cast and crew. Until now… A Huffington Post reporter has tracked the actor down…

Find out who he is!


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Have split according to multiple sources….Taylor and Calvin started dating last year after being introduced by mutual pal Ellie Goulding, and they celebrated their one-year anniversary in March by jetting off on a romantic vacation. “There was no drama,” an insider insisted. “Things just don’t work out sometimes.”

If you’re into used jock straps with dirt stains for $200… congrats!! Today’s your lucky day, and guess what, you’re also a weirdo! The Prop Store from the movie Dirty Grandpa which featured a lot of Zac Efron is having an auction on props and costumes…
One of the items that you can bid on is “Jason Kelly’s Stunt Hornet Jock Strap.” is the website in case you’re interested!

orilliaOne lady’s mission to have The Tragically Hip’s last show televised, may have paid off….Kelly McAlpine of Orillia, like many long-time fans of the iconic, Kingston-based group, the Orillia woman was shut out when she tried to score a ticket for one of the band’s last performances.  So, McAlpine did something about it by creating an online petition asking CBC president Hubert Lacroix to air the group’s swan song in Kingston on the public broadcaster’s main network.

Kelly asked the CBC to facilitate a live broadcast of The Tragically Hip’s final show at the K-Rock Centre in Kingston with proceeds from advertising, media coverage, etc., to be donated to the Sunnybrook Foundation as the Hip intended with their ticket sales.” And the CBC seems to be listening.

“We are interested in airing the Hip’s final show and are having conversations with the band to see if we can make it happen,” says the CBC…..
Katy Perry is using her immense star power to draw attention to the children of one of Asia’s poorest regions.

The pop star and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador recently traveled to the rural Ninh Thuan province in Vietnam, where she met many families with disabled children who lack proper education, water, sanitation and hygiene. Many of the children Perry had interacted with told her about their dreams of becoming doctors and teachers to break the cycle of poverty their parents are living in.

The 13-time Grammy nominee was appointed as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador in December 2013. Earlier that same year, Perry visited Madagascar as her first UNICEF mission.