Hefty Party Cups (Red Solo Cups In Canada) Talk For You This Holiday Season!

Say what?

The Brand is selling limited-edition cups that do the talking for you during those awkward family moments…

Each cup features pre-written responses to those common questions that your aunts, uncles, and grandmothers love to ask you.

For those who are single and don’t feel like talking about their relationships or lack thereof, there is a the “Yes, I’m single and happy” cup.

To dodge the “when are you having kids question,” there’s the “Ask about my fur baby” cup.

What about when a family member asks you if you have a job?  No problem, there’s a cup for that.  The “I’m fun-employed” cup says it all.

There’s even a cup that aims to keep the holiday spirit alive by eliminating politics and has “Don’t ask me who I’m voting for” written on the front.


Other cups include phrases such as:

  • Diet starts Monday
  • Accepting $, not advice
  • No comment
  • Bottoms up!
  • #thankful


If none of the pre-written cups offer a message you need, there are cups where you can fill in your own message…


A pack of Hefty Holiday Party Cups is available at HeftyPartyCupsSaveTheHolidays.com for $2.99 US. in quantities of 20 with 10 unique phrases on a first come, first served basis.