Heinz Ketchup Is Testing A Perfect Pour Bottle

Are you ketchup flow illiterate?

Heinz first introduced the world to ketchup back in 1876, which means for almost 150 years we’ve been shaking, rattling, knife-poking and having too much explode onto our burgers!  Heinz is now testing a perfect pour bottle- it took them long enough!!!

This is what Heinz calls “the perfect pouring angle,” which will supposedly allow a reasonable flow of ketchup that neither drowns your home fries nor insults them with a single watery trickle of ketchup goo. 

Heinz wants us to know that all you have to do to get the ketchup flowing is to hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle.  If you’re not entirely sure what a 45 degree angle is, they got that covered now, too: they’ve affixed the label to their new Pour Perfect bottle in such a way that it will only be upright when the bottle is at the optimal pouring tilt. 

Currently, the bottles are only available in Canada!