Heinz Launched A Clothing Line For Babies Conceived In Lockdown!

Canadian parents love it!

The limited-edition swag includes baby onesies and bibs and is branded as the “Lockdown Love Baby Collection.”


The good brand’s baby food line Heinz by Nature is already a hit with parents and now new parents can’t get enough of the clothing.


Over 15,000 people joined a virtual contest for lockdown love Baby’s giveaway, and they were completely out of stock within three minutes of the contest going live.


The contest was open to parents and free exclusively to babies born on Dec. 18th, which is nine months since lockdowns began.

Parents who were able to get their hands on the free gear enjoyed the humorous sayings that addressed the situation of their child’s conception.


Some of the phrasing on the onesies and bibs read, 

“While you were hoarding TP my parents were making me,” and “Mom & Dad had to work from home so they got right down to business.”


Other amusing options included: “My parents put more than sourdough buns in the oven,” “I was my parents’ quarantine craft project,” “My parents couldn’t have friends over so they had me instead” and “Lockdown Love baby December 2020.”


The merchandise line was put together in partnership with the Canadian ad agency No Fixed Address.

Heinz by Nature reportedly restocked its inventory on Monday afternoon and ran out of stock a second time, according to a recent Facebook post.