Henry Cavill Proves Yet Again Why He’s A Man Of The People (Nerds)!

As if his geeking out over the Witcher gig wasn't enough...

A LOT of people love Henry Cavill, to be fair he’s a very great actor and handsome feller.

One large group of people are well, GEEKS. This isn’t because he’s played Superman or Geralt from The Witcher, it’s because HE IS a geek.

He almost lost out on the Superman gig because he missed the call from his agent whilst in a WoW raid.

That’s dedication.

He’s also made is position on console gaming clear:

THE LEVEL OF DISGUST IN HIS FACE. The man is a true geek.

He decided to reward both geeks of all sexes world wide with a FIVE minute video of him building his first PC.

It’s uh… impressive and also VERY moody? I guess.

Check it out below.

At this point, we’re all Ongina (the queen who can’t get the damn voice out of her throat!) because we geeks are in LOVE with Henry.

Shout out to him!