Here’s the Cannabis Retail Model in Ontario

Buy online after October 17th, in-store by April 19th

The Province of Ontario announced its cannabis retail model on Monday.

Attorney General Caroline Mulroney said “We will be ready to put in place a safe, legal system for cannabis retail that will protect consumers.”

“We will also be ready to undermine the illegal market and protect Ontario’s roads.  Most importantly of all, we will be ready to protect our kids.”

The timeline

Following the federal legalization of cannabis on October 17, Ontario will immediately introduce an online retail channel for cannabis, to be followed by a private retail model by April 1, 2019.

Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli also spoke, saying Ontario will introduce an online retail channel for cannabis after October 17th – when federal legalization begins. A private retail model will follow in April.

“Throughout this process we have held fast to some non-negotiable principles:  Public safety is paramount,” said Fedeli.

Buy Online

If you are 19+ years old, you will be able to purchase cannabis online.

The province says after October 17th, consumers can buy cannabis from an online retail platform that works through the Ontario Cannabis Store. It will include a verification system for safe at-home delivery.

Why April 19th is important

The province will be opening up “a tightly regulated” private retail model for cannabis that will launch by April 1st 2019.

“The Government of Ontario will not be in the business of running physical cannabis stores,” said Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli.”

Private retailers will have to follow a series of provincial rules. Similar to cigarette sales, cannabis products will be out of sight of children and made over-the-counter.

Driving under the new Cannabis laws

New road safety laws kick in October 17th in Ontario, which include serious penalties that will increase consequences and costs for those who drive under the influence. Ontario will have zero-tolerance for impaired young, novice or commercial drivers.

How do you know it’s legal weed?

Legal cannabis products will come with an official Ontario Cannabis Retailer Seal for consumer safety.

Not all municipalities will have physical cannabis stores.

Municipalities will have what the government calls a “one-time window” under which they can choose to opt-out of permitting physical cannabis retail stores within their boundaries.