HGTV Praised For Featuring Throuple On ‘House Hunters’

The new modern family!

Earlier this week, HGTV streaming an episode called “Three’s Not Enough” from Colorado Springs which featured three polyamorous homeowners.

Like any home owner, their needs were specific for them.  For example, Brian, Lori and Geli wanted a home with a three car garage, a master bedroom large enough for three plus extra space for Brian and Lori’s two children.

So how did they meet?  The story goes like this;

Brian and Lori were already legally married to each other when they met Geli at a bar and fell in love with her. After that, both Brian and Lori exchanged vows with Geli in a commitment ceremony attended by their children.

While many viewers were surprised that the network air an episode featuring a throuple- many phrased them for doing so.

“I was legit about to change the channel until I heard throuple. You have my FULL attention now,” a user wrote.

“I have never sent a tweet about #HouseHunters until tonight. Bravo #hgtv, you got me with the throuple,” a third viewer tweeted.

“Holy s— a poly couple and the word bisexual used on #HouseHunters ???? WOW NICE I DIG,” a tweeter wrote.