High School Student Sings Graduation Speech To The Tune of Lady Gaga’s Shallow!

A Star Is Born!

Sydney Helgeson, a senior at Bismarck High School, in North Dakota sang in front of her fellow graduates on Sunday, May 26.

Sydney sang her touching speech to the tune of the hit song from A Star is Born.  The teen made up new lyrics for the song Shallow, replacing Gaga’s words with ones about the senior class’ high school experience.

Before she belted out this Oscar worth moment out,  she said to her class, ‘But when words fail music speaks. So, I’d like to dedicate my song “Tomorrow” to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” to the class of 2019.”

Her opening lyrics included; 

‘Tell me something class,’ she sang. ‘Are you happy that today’s the last / Or do you need more / Are you ready to go out that door?’ 

The moment was uploaded to YouTube and has over 15 thousand views so far!