Hockey Moms! We’re Not All The Same, (except when it comes to supporting our kids!)

All hockey moms are awesome!

hock-ey mom: noun. ‘A mother who devotes a great deal of time and effort in supporting her children’s participation in ice hockey’.

Sound familiar? 

FUN FACT: In 2010, the phrase ‘hockey mom’ found its way into the New Oxford American Dictionary, alongside roughly 2,000 additional words/phrases that had come into light over the previous 10 years.

We deserve our place in the dictionary and the Hockey Hall of Fame…We are the loudest in the stands, cheering on the coach, the players, and even the referees on occasion.

We come equipped with a jersey or token “hockey mom hoddie,” a personalized sign, coffee cup in hand, Team Canada mittens and a blanket for seat-warming purposes, we ensures vocally that equal ice time and fair play rules are continually observed by all.

Post-game – no matter the score – we are the first to the tunnel, greeting all players with a cheery smile, sliced oranges and individual Gatorade bottles to boot. The ride home to the city is filled with optimism, instruction and reflection, before a quick stop at the local skate shop for an $8 sharpening.

We are all hockey moms, but we are not all cut from the same cloth. No matter which mom you are- one thing is for certain, there’s nothing we won’t do for our hockey loving kids.


The hot boob moms!
These are the moms who always show up at the rink looking super hot, as if they’re about to hit the clubs!

The Hoodie mom!
These are the moms who always shows up at the rink with a hoodie with some sort of hockey label or message on it! Accompanied by a toque or epic mom messy bun!

The sometimes moms!
These are the moms who occasionally show up to games if the rink is close to the house and not too late or too early. These moms also consider the temperature of the arena as a factor on whether or not they will attend.

The chatty mom!
These are the moms who are not only there to watch their kid but to also socialize! These moms always talks during the game while you’re trying to watch your kid play.

The cheerleading mom!
These moms are hardcore. Always standing by the boards to concentrate on the game with no one else around them. If someone approaches they politely move away! (Most are goalie moms)