Holiday Burnout Is A Real Thing!

Do you have holiday burnout?

A poll was done and found that of the 2000 people asked, 35% of them experience holiday burnt out before December 25th…

On average, we will spend upwards of 38 hours preparing for the season, that’s almost 2 full days…of that time, 13 hours is spend shopping and is said to be the most stressful thing during the holiday season…

We will also spend over 9 hours cooking for the season…

We also burn out because of traveling to see family- and speaking of family, we will endure three awkward jokes from family members…

Why are so many people in a bad mood around the holidays? 

The likely cause for this holiday fatigue is all the stress that comes with this time of year. Traveling to see family, attending holiday parties, decorating, cooking, cleaning, etc…

What 10 things contribute to Holiday Burnout?

1. Shopping (65%)

2. Crowds (63%)

3. Long lines (58%)

4. Buying presents (51%)

5. Cooking (48%)

6. Knowing what gifts to buy people (46%)

7. Constantly hearing holiday music (45%)

8. The pressure of making Christmas day special (44%)

9. Constantly seeing holiday commercials on TV (36%)

10. Wrapping presents (34%)

Are you part of the 35% that’s over the holidays before they’ve really even started?