Holiday Tip Guide:

Will you be tipping this season?

It’s time for holiday cheer and tipping those who have made your life easier this past year!  Here’s a list of how much you should tip those important people in your life!



Trash Collector

How much to tip: $10-20 per person

Assuming you’re even allowed to tip your garbage collectors (not all municipalities allow public service workers to accept tips).


House cleaners

How much to tip: One week’s pay

You could leave a nice little gift for your house cleaners, or you could get him/her/them what everyone really wants — cash.


Babysitter / Child care

How much to tip: One day’s pay

Whether your babysitter comes to you or you drop your kids at a daycare centre, the employees who watch over your precious darlings deserve a holiday bump.


Pet Walkers / Groomers

How much to tip: The cost of one session

You tip the people who take care of your biological children, so you should tip the people who take care of your furry ones too.



How much to tip: Donation to the school 

Don’t be that weird parent who tips the teacher for “special consideration” for your kid. Instead make any sort of donation you can to the school to benefit all the kids, or just send your kid in with a sweet treat for the whole class.