Hospice Simcoe Tree of Remembrance

If you are entering into this Christmas season having lost a loved one, it can be a very difficult time. “This time of year can magnify the pain of a loss that you are already feeling. Maybe you’re not only trying to get through this season yourself, but feel as if you need to uphold others who are also grieving. By bringing your grief into the season instead of trying to push it down, you have opportunity to honour your feelings and your loved one. Seemingly small acts or simple rituals can help.”  – Teresa Harris, Bereavement Coordinator.

If you are remembering someone special, Hospice Simcoe welcomes you to come to the residence at 336 Penetanguishene Road throughout December and place an ornament on our Tree of Remembrance in honour of your loved one.  There is no cost to hang an ornament on our tree.

Since 1988, Hospice Simcoe has provided support programs in our community.  Nine years ago, next week, we opened our 10 private bedroom residential facility in Barrie.  In those nine years, we have provided 24-hour high quality palliative care to approximately 2,000 people who have lived their final days or weeks in our care.

We appreciate the continued financial support from our community as they enable us to provide end of life care and support programs at no cost to our residents, clients and their families.