House With Sexy ‘Boom Boom Room” starts Bidding War

That's a lot of mirrors!

It appeared to be just another suburban house up for sale in Pennsylvania, but what sets this house apart from the rest on the street is what is has tucked away in the basement.


The home is located about 25 miles west of Philadelphia and is listed for $325,000.  The home has three bedrooms and is a split-level dwelling with 1,530-square-feet of living space.


If that doesn’t get you interested, perhaps this will. The centerpiece is a fully stocked five-stool bar upholstered in tufted black leather. A shag carpet, couches, faux palm trees with stuffed monkeys hanging from the branches, and a taxidermied armadillo add to the merry mood. A sign hanging from the ceiling reads “Boom Boom Room” in all-caps.


The rest of the home is said to be very sultry, with a black and red colour scheme in the living space, bedrooms feature bright pink and blue walls, pattered carpets and chandeliers-oh, and lots of mirrors.


According to the current owner (who inherited it), there are mirrors everywhere, from the bedrooms to the bathrooms, and feature interesting angles.

Thanks to the bidding war that erupted, the racy residence sold for $350,000 — $25,000 more than its asking price.