Household Items Toddlers Choose Over Toys

Save your $, you don't need all of those toys...

I’ve quickly learned that toddlers choose household items over toys ALL THE TIME! You could look at this as a way to save $ on toys.

  1. The TV Remote is a main attraction. It’s filled with buttons, we’re not even sure what they all do but they light up!

2. Oven Mitts used to be so boring. It was as if all friends and family had the same coloured mitts. It’s not like that anymore. You can even pretend it’s a puppet, oven mitts = endless fun.

3. The Tupperware. Their eyes light up as they begin to toss lids and containers across the floor. Nothing beats the first time a child rips open the tupperware cupboard.  (I’m lying, it’s terrible.)

What’s that? You’re worried you don’t have enough bath toys?

4. A plastic cup. It sounds too easy, but they can pretend they’re mixing a magic potion and fill it up and dump it out a thousand times. The trick is, catching them when they attempt to drink bath water with it.

5. Pots & Pans. Old faithful, pots and pans have been a musical instrument in homes for generations. Wooden spoons? Yup you have those too, why would anybody buy an actual drum kit?