How A Beard Can Help A Kid With Crohn’s or Colitis

Nuckfest 3 Saturday in Barrie

It happens Saturday night in Barrie…Nuckfest 3…the Ontario Beard and Moustache Championships to raise money for Camp Got2Go – a youth program for kids with Crohn’s and Colitis. These are diseases that cause inflammation in all or part of the gastrointestinal tract leading to frequent and sometimes urgent trips to the bathroom…

Nuckfest organizer Mike Speyer says Camp Got2Go allows kids to meet others with similar share understanding and create friendships. Nuckfest will feature beards from all over North America…and axe throwing competition and tribute bands. Click here for more information.

Listen below for more on Nuckfest with Mike and his brother Martin…

Beard Categories include:

Fake Beard/Whiskerina
Best Mustache
Partial Beard (Goatee, Chops, whaler)
Beard 4 inches and under
Beard 5-8 inches
Beard 9-12 inches
Beard over 12 inches
Full Beard Styled Mustache
NEW EVENT – 5 Minute Mustache race (after natural beard categories are complete)

Tool Tribute by Third Eye Open
Rage Against the Machine tribute by Evil Empire
Slipknot Tribute by KnotSlip