How About Some Self-Love This Valentine’s Day?

Eat dinner at a restaurant but in front of a mirror?

So you want to celebrate Valentine’s day alone?- No problem.

A restaurant will see diners eating in front of a mirror that flashes up motivational quotes.

And at the end of your meal, there will be a big reveal, where you’re introduced to the diner opposite and you can decide whether you want to take advantage of a two for one offer together.

The ‘Two4One’ restaurant, on Great Eastern St, London, has mirrors on each table, with the idea that you’re still having dinner with someone you love – yourself.

The restaurant says ‘Diners will experience mood-boosting playlists, feel-good soul food from Absurd Bird and mirrors reflecting motivational quotes, putting guests in the mood to have the best solo time.’

Once you get to your last course, the mirror will lift and you can see who you’ve been dining opposite. You then get the option to split the bill and claim their two for one experience.