How Celine Dion Celebrated Her 50th Birthday!

50 years and going strong!

Celine Dion celebrated 50 years on this earth over the weekend by posting never-seen-before pictures of herself on Facebook!

Celine’s team put together a tribute video for her which they shared on social over the weekend.

“HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY CÉLINE!” the video was captioned. “From the very first song written with her Mom and brother, we take a look back at some of the precious moments in Celine’s personal and professional life. Make sure you comment below to wish Celine a Happy Birthday!”

It’s been a rough few year’s for Celine to say the least -first having lost her husband and brother within days of each other in 2016 and this inner ear issues that she’s been battling for almost a year which makes it extremely hard to sing….