How Germany Is Encouraging People To Wear Masks

Berlin hopes especially pungent body odour will force people to wear masks

If the risk of getting COVID-19 isn’t enough to make you wear a mask, perhaps this will get you wearing one in public spaces properly.


Public transportation officials in Berlin issued a cheeky recommendation for riders last week to stop wearing deodorant and let their natural odours waft through the shared air, so others can have their masks fully cover their mouths and noses.


Officials are having issues with people not wearing their masks properly, meaning many are wearing them under their noses. So in a cheeky new ad, the BVG transportation operator encourages people to go without deodorant so people will wear the masks properly!


Similar to a no-smoking sign, the image shows a red circle and a slash over a person spraying deodorant into their right armpit. “You leave us no choice,” a translation of the tweet reads.

In Germany, covering both the mouth and nose are required on public transportation and in public spaces – if not, you will be fined.