How Good Are You At Adulting!

Dale & Charlie failed!

A recent BuzzFeed poll looked at how good we are at “adulting.”

The article listed things that should be pretty easy to do as adults and then asked readers whether or not they can do them…

Here are the results:


1.  Can you swallow a pill fairly easily?  91% said they can.

2.  Can you neatly wrap a gift?  87% said yes.

3.  Do you know how to write a check?  76% know how.  Which isn’t bad.
But 20 years ago, it would have been 100%.

4.  Could you sew a button back on?  73% of people claim they could do it.

5.  Can you fold a fitted sheet?  61% said yes.

6.  Do you regularly have the oil in your car changed?  59% said yes.

7.  Can you kill a spider without screaming?  59% also said yes to that one.

8.  Do you always put your laundry away right after it’s dry?  Only 39% of us do.

9.  Do you make your bed every morning?  34% said yes.

10.  Can you change a flat tire?  Only 28% of us feel confident we could do it.