Have you ever wondered how clean you are compared to your friends and family? (Kid’s excluded)

Almost 500,000 people recently took an online poll on hygiene and cleanliness. Here are the results so you can feel good about yourself or be totally grossed out!

50% of people usually go more than a month without changing their bedsheets with 6% says that they “pretty much never” change them.

When it comes to brushing your teeth, 48% of people said that they ALWAYS brush their teeth twice a day with another 38% saying they will once or twice “depending on the situation.”

Another question was asked about dirty dishes and how long to leave them in the sink.  55% said that it’s ok to leave them for a day, with 23% admitting that dishes will stay dirty in the sink for a few days.  Only 19% do the dishes right away!

Cleaning the bathroom, the chore that everyone hates.  So much in fact that 71% of people say that they clean their bathroom one a month. 22% say that they will only clean the bathroom a few times a year!  7% say that they never clean the bathroom. 

When it comes to showering, 57% of people say that they shower once a day.  7% said they will shower twice a day… 35% DON’T shower every day, and 1% said they don’t even shower every WEEK.

How clean are your clothes?  87% of people say that they will wear a shirt twice before washing it. There are actually 27% of people who say that they will wear underwear twice before tossing in the laundry…

It’s frightening to know hat just over half, 56% of people wash their hands every time they use the bathroom…41% admit that they sometimes skip it with 3% who say that they almost never wash their hands…