How K-Pop Fans Are Helping To Fight #BlackLivesMatter Misinformation From Trolls!

The BTS Army and SO MANY MORE are pitching in.

With everything that’s going down in the U.S. and in parts of Canada, Twitter has become an essential source of information! One problem with that: anyone with an account can make a hashtag trend, and unfortunately, that power has gone into the wrong hands.

White Supremacists and other trolls from the internet have made it their goal to suppress the #BlackLivesMatter movement as much as possible. They’ve made both #WhiteLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter trend to the top of the platform globally, twice over the past two days.

Here’s where we ENTER our K-Pop fans.

If you’re not sure about what K-Pop is, it’s South Korean pop music. It’s basically every boy and girl band we’ve ever loved here in Canada, amplified by 6000. Fans of BTS, Looona, and BLACKPINK have made it their goal to stop the misinformation on Twitter involving the #BlackLivesMatter movement!

Whenever a hashtag that is detrimental to the cause comes up, they spam paint swatches, cartoon characters, and more to make the hashtag obsolete.

Check out a few examples of this here:

Shout out to the K-Pop fans, we love em. I’m a metal/hip-hop head but I think I’ll dip back into my Korean R&B in solidarity.