How Long Can Your Couch Last Before You Need A New One!

Did you ever wonder, how many times you can plant your tush on your couch?

In light of the situation and the fact that we’re all spending a lot more time sitting these days, a new survey calculated the average couch experiences during that time.  

Check it out . . .


1.  7,482 hours of TV, or roughly 12 hours a week.




2.  6,960 spills, or about 11 a week.





3.  5,248 hours on social media, or about eight-and-a-half hours a week.





4.  4,293 hours of sleeping or napping, or about seven hours a week.






5.  4,428 kisses, or about one a day.





6.  And the remote getting lost 900 times, or once or twice a week.





7. Your couch will also see 3,240 arguments