How Many Times Have You Heard Your Kid Say “I’m Bored” Since The Beginning of Quarantine?

Too many!

According to new research, the average parent has heard their kid or kids say “I’m bored” six times per day since March when this pandemic started.


And that’s not all, they’ve all dealt with five melt-downs has well as six epic messes from their kids over the past few months.


The study was done to find out how parents dealt with staying at home in the summer as well as how they are currently dealing with a school year that is in some cases is remote.


84% of parents admits that they have allowed their kids more screen time with eight of 10 parents saying that their kids have become “screen zombies.”


The survey was done by Fat Brain Toys and also found that there were some funny moments during the lockdown.


For example, 77 percent of parents said at some point their kids were up to something because they were too quiet.

81 percent of parents said at least once since March, their kid made an explained noise followed by “that was nothing mom!” Or it was just silence.


The average parent waited about seven minutes before investigating what the noise actually was!