How much time in your life will you spending “Talking” to your partner? It’s not a lot!

It’s hard to say, really as no one gets out the stopwatch or has one […]

It’s hard to say, really as no one gets out the stopwatch or has one eye on the smartphone….

Ever wondered how much of your life you’ll waste vacuuming? Or pairing your socks? Or re-watching episodes of Friends? How about sex? or talking (air quotes)!

Thankfully, Reebok‘s done the hard record-keeping work for us.


In their new study they reveal how much of our lives we spend getting it on. And it’s actually a lot less than we though it’d be. Ready?

The average human spends less than 1% of his or her life having sex. 0.45%, to be exact. This only makes up 117 days in total.

That’s less than half a year. That’s a teeny tiny amount of our lives, considering (talking) plays such a big role.

Some very energetic people may bump up the percentage to 2% of their lives…still not that much when you think about it…

So when my husband says… we don’t “talk” enough; he may actually be right?


Oh, and just to make you feel a little sad about the state of your life, that 1% pales in comparison to the amount of time we spend sitting down. Yep, 29.75% of your life will likely be spent sitting down. That’s around 7,709 days. Of course, you can’t rule out that when we’re sitting (wherever) we may be thinking about doing it more in our lives….