How One Item From Home Depot Broke The Internet

We've got a BONE to pick with em. Eh, we're just RIBbing them. Spine? I'm out.

It’s October 1st, so not only is it the first of tha month BUT, it’s also SPOOKY SEASON!

I think this story from earlier on Twitter today will solidify that!

The platform LOST it when discussing one specific item that’s recently shown up in Home Depot stores: a giant 12 FOOT skeleton!

Folks chatted about how it really tied the room together, you know?

Now you may think, pfft, it’s only in America. You’d BE WRONG!

They’re sold out here online, but hopefully the company will be stocking more.

I don’t know about you, but I would totally post one of these on my front lawn. Maybe two? Make it a LOTR statue situation!