How ONE Japanese Theme Park Is Approaching Rides!

Don't know if it'll work here, but I'd try it!

Japan has been leading the charge in regards to COVID-19 and reopening public places.

A few months ago we talked about FaceTiming Japanese Eels and now we’re talking THEME PARKS!

Let’s face it, a summertime without a Wonderland visit is just WEIRD.

One theme park in Japan has put in place new rules that might make the trip over here to Canada.

It’s super simple: Don’t scream on the rides and wear a mask.

The second part is super easy, the first? Maybe not as much.

To prove how easy it is to hold in the fear, two executives from the park’s management filmed a ride! Check it out below:

Do you think you could do a ride quietly? To me part of the fun is the YELLING!

Thankfully the rule is voluntary for yelling.