How The Adult Entertainment World Is Dealing With COVID-19!

An Adult Movie Star In Russia Is Offering Sex To The First Scientist Who Finds A Cure For COVID-19

Lola Taylor is at home in Isolation amid the COVID-19 Outbreak and is getting ready!  Lola says that she will be arrested if she leaves her home, which is most likely why she’d like someone to find a cure ASAP… The 27-year-old made the announcement on Instagram – and her fans were very excited by it.  One responder gushed: “This is how to get young scientists motivated to invent a vaccination.”

Lola isn’t the only Porn star using her platform for good…

Sophie Anderson was praised by fans for promoting hand washing! Of course she was cupping her assets as she was explaining the importance of hand washing- but whatever works!

While some adult businesses are taking a hit, others are doing quite well.  Cam girls have seen their practice improve because of coronavirus!

Some have been running special promotions and discounts for those in isolation.  Meanwhile, others are making customized content to give fans a sense of escape.

Celebrity nude sites (you should know which ones I’m talking about it you’re into it) have been rewarding users for their self-quarantine over the deadly coronavirus!

Stay safe!