How to Embarrass your kids

It happened to you when you were little, now its payback!

Embarrassing your kids is a parent’s dream. It makes every sacrifice worth it.

Most of us remember being on the receiving end, too.  It helps us grow, and sets us up for the constant stream of embarrassments whether accidental or on purpose…

YouGov surveyed a bunch of kids to find out what they find most embarrassing about their parents.

Top of the list was singing! Yup; parents singing in front of their kids and friends- makes your offspring want to crawl under a rock and never come out (until you stop)

Dad dancing comes in second, with kid declaring that their parents sweet moves are just too much to handle.

Parents hugging and kissing each other comes in third, followed by parents hugging and kissing the kids in front of others…

At the bottom of the list, so least likely to make your kids want new parents is when mom and dad (usually dad) acts weird or silly…

There was a small percentage of kids in this survey that said that their parents didn’t embarrass them at all- which means; PARENTS!!!! Try harder!