How To Keep Cool During This Up-Coming Heat Wave!

How will you beat the heat!

As of Thursday, temperatures are expected to climb into the 30th!  With that said, if you don’t have AC there are a few tricks on keeping cool that don’t require you to jump into the lake!


Drink water

Keeping hydrated is the most obvious and easiest thing to do. It’s tempting to get the Pimms out, of course, but alcohol is dehydrating – so stick to water.


Think about it
Think of the coldest place you can (the freezer, the North Pole… you get the gist). Simply day-dreaming about things like snow is proven to cool your overall body temperature. Your body will react to the thoughts about cooler temperatures.


Get down low
No, not in a dance – but do go all the way to the floor. Hot air rises, so the best place to go for a quick cool down and momentary rest from the stuffiness is the lowest possible level.


Don’t cook
Try to refrain from using your oven or stove, eat room temperature dishes like salads to avoid generating another source of heat. If you are in need of hot food then use the grill instead. You’re welcome.


Run your wrists under a cold tap

Surprisingly refreshing – the science behind it is that one of your main veins passes through your wrists so it helps to cool your blood down quickly. Clever.


To the aisles

Go to the freezer section of the supermarket if you get seriously desperate.


Hang them out to dry
Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window, the breeze blowing in through the wet sheet and will quickly cool down an entire room.


Stay out of the sun
Don’t go out there between 11 am and 3 pm for too long – The UV rays will be strong and you will burn quickly, ergo, you won’t be cool.


Eat spicy food

It helps you to sweat better – there’s a reason why it’s eaten in hot countries!