How To Stop Touching Your Face During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Easier said than done

Health experts around the world continue to stress the importance of washing hands and avoid touching your face in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.  COVID-19 can easily spread from surfaces to your hands to inside your skin.


There are so many reasons to touch your face on a daily basic, but there are a few things you can do if you need to put your hands to your face.


Carry tissues

A clean tissue can do a lot that your dirty hands shouldn’t. If you feel the urge to scratch your face or wipe your nose, reach for a tissue instead and use it to create a clean barrier as you touch your face.

Use eye drops

Many people rub their eyes when they feel dry and itchy, so nip the itch in the bud by regularly using eye drops. 

Find something else to do with your hands

Face-touching is a natural human reaction to many symptoms. Kids always have their hands to their face.  Biting nails, picking their nose and the action of face touching can sometimes reduce anxiety.   Find other ways to destress and occupy your hands like with a stress ball.


Teach yourself not to touch your face

If you find it hard to notice when you touch your face, there’s a website designed to teach you to stop. It uses your webcam and alerts you whenever your hands touch your face, helping you quit.



Wash your hands

Be sure to wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water to ensure that when you do touch your face, it’s less likely you will transfer any virus from surfaces you’ve touched.