How To Survive Even The Worst Holiday Shoppers

Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Ahhhh, the holidays. You’re either a Christmas lover and have Christmas music playing 24/7, a total Grinch who thinks Christmas is the worst, or you’re somewhere in-between; enjoy the odd Christmas tune, try to get your Christmas shopping done early but always leave it to the last minute as you do every year, and now you have to deal with some of the finest and HAPPIEST people at the shops (heavy sarcasm)

1.EVERYONE is in a rush… If you can, try to get your shopping done during slow times (ie. 9am, as soon as the shops open. 1pm, after the lunch rush, or 5pm, while everyone else is getting home from work and eating dinner).


2. You’re going to run into that one person who is absolutely MISERABLE… This is the person who you need to take a step back, take a deep breath and count to ten for… It’s not worth fighting over that last Hatchimal, you don’t need to go to prison this Holiday season, talk about a total buzz kill…

pepper-spray3. If you can find them, shop the sales! There’s no need to declare bankruptcy after Christmas if you don’t have to. Or better yet, if you’re only shopping for a few people, set a certain budget that everyone has to shop within, that way everyone is getting the same amount of present love without over-doing it!

4. GO IN WITH A PLAN! Get a list with at least a few ideas for who you are shopping for, this will make your shopping war that much easier. You wouldn’t go into D-Day without a plan, so why would you with your shopping!

xmas-shop5. Remember that it’s the thought that counts… Don’t lose your mind over buying Christmas gifts, some of the smallest gifts mean the most!

6. Annnnddd failing all that… There’s still time to online shop 😉


(Courtesy Michael Kappel)