How To “Unshrink” Your Sweater

You most likely have this magic bottle in your shower!

Everyone has that warm fuzzy sweater- that one item you don’t know how to wash or want too for fear you’ll shrink it.

Ever wonder why your sweaters shrink in the wash even when you wash it and hang it to dry?


According to science:

“Fibers have tiny scales arranged like shingles on a roof. When they encounter heat (like from a dryer), the scales clump together and tighten the fibres.”


Now there is a hack to “unshrink” your cashmere sweater or that wool sweater that accidentally ended up in the dryer.

The quick fix is something you most likely have in your shower right now. It’s hair conditioner!

Apparently, the hair product releases the fibres in wool, cashmere and cotton sweaters enough so you can reshape or stretch your sweater back to original size.

Here’s how to do it according to Anna De Souza / TODAY