How’s This For A Halloween Costume! You Can Now Be Sexy Hand Sanitizer!

If 2020 had a mascot!

Yandy, a popular site known for its insane sexy costumes has debuted their latest sexy spin for Halloween 2020!


You can be a hot hand sanitizer!

The costume retails for about $70 and comes with a high-hip leotard printed with a fake hand sanitizer logo and a clear apron-style tutu, describes the New York Post.


The costume’s description on the Yandy website reads, “Did you disinfect from head to toe cause you’re glowing with that germ-free vibe! Just a pump is all it takes to put bacteria at bay.”  “Wash away the dirt of the day, and soak in that squeaky clean feeling in this exclusive Hand Sanitizer costume featuring a mint green bodysuit with a scoop neckline, a Yandy Hand Sanitizer print with ‘Kills 99.99% of germs,’ a pink Yandy logo, and a matching clear vinyl flared dress with velcro straps attached to the skirt.”



Here’s the thing, if you like this costume, you’ll have to wait. Yandy says they will NOT sell any hot coronavirus costumes this year because there is nothing sexy about COVID-19.


If you recall, Yandy got a lot of heat in 2018 for selling a sexy spin on “The handmaid’s Tale.”


But if you’re looking for a sexy costume to cover your body with, Yandy does have a hot version of “Tiger King.”


Or perhaps if that’s not your thing, you can be a sexy mail-in ballot in honour of the upcoming US election, A sexy schoolgirl, Sexy Beatle Juice, or a sexy Child’s play doll!