If You Haven’t Seen The Avengers: End Game- Best To Do So Before Monday!

The Spoiler Ban will be lifted on Monday!

The Spoiler ban will be lifted on Monday!

Director Joe Russo put out a statement ahead of the Marvel film’s release asking fans NOT to spoil the ending of the movie by posting details about who lives and who dies online, and their stars also joined the no spoiler campaign by filming videos as part of a #DontSpoilTheEndgame initiative.


For the most part, fans have been pretty good about not posting any details, but as of Monday- all bets are off!

Avengers has become the most tweeted-about movie ever with Twitter counting over 45 million related posts so far….And with that- die hard fans are desperate to talk about the movie and how it ended on line…  Director Russo says, Monday is the day its acceptable to start the chatter!