If you make a mistake admit it don’t hang up on 9-1-1 call

Communication staff answered 5,611 calls to 911 in 2017 (419 of those were misdials)

If you’ve made an error calling 9-1-1, let the communicator know what happened don’t hang up!

That’s the warning from South Simcoe Police as they’ve had to deal with a rash of pocket dials and inappropriate calls.

In one recent case, a citizen dialed 911 to report there was a bird flying around the bedroom and wanted help to catch it. Officers told the victim of this avian invasion that it was absolutely not a police matter and issued a stern caution about the proper use of 911.

In the last four days Police have experienced about a dozen 911 pocket dials and unintentional calls to our Communications Centre.

The calls included:

  • a man trying to call a money-transfer company
  • a call from a 4-year-old who was recently taught about 911 and ‘wanted to try it out’
  • pocket dials from people on a motorcycle and a golf cart
  • a man who said his phone is blacked out and keeps dialing into emergency

In 2017, Communication staff answered 5,611 calls to 911. 419 of those calls were misdials.

For non-emergencies, please call (705) 436-2141 or (905) 775-3311.