If You Need To Pee More When It’s Cold Outside- There’s A Reason For It!

Does cold make you have to go more?

For what its worth, if you’ve birthed a child, you always have to pee-but for those who have normal bladders- there is a reason you may feel the urge to pee more when its cold outside!

There is a medical reason for this, caused by something called cold diuresis.  This is a process your body goes through to regulate itself when the temperature drops!

The experts says cold diuresis can occur when the body’s temperature lowers. 

‘The biological response is to redirect blood to the core to create warmth, while the kidneys release extra fluid to stabilise the pressure. ‘And it’s this process which boosts urine production, giving you the urge to wee more in the cold, winter months.’

The more you know…