If You Want A Mate, Get A Dog!

Let Fido be your wingman!

Guys looking for love are said to bring on major interest from potential partners, according to Maureen Tara Nelson who is a New-York-based dating and relationship expert if a dog is in their lives.

And not just any dog, a French bulldog, and a puppy for maximum results. According to this expert, men are seen as more attractive if they have a little French bulldog with its big eyes and smushy face.

Fun Fact:  The French Bulldog was voted as the cutest dog for a man to have among city-dwellers. For those men living in the burbs or even the country, get yourself a big dog.  Golden retrievers and labradors are babe magnets apparently!


The relationship expert says that dogs make men look more masculine, more caring, and even more responsible.  Men with dogs are also perceived to make more money-bonus!


It’s important that a man chooses the right dog. Apparently, a Shih Tzu or Pomeranian is a buzzkill in the dating department. A recent Match.com survey shows that dogs are overwhelmingly the sexiest pet a guy can own.