If You Want To Have A Good Memory, Just Be Happy!

Everyone has a favorite memory they want to keep forever

While many things will stick with us into our old age, physical and emotional conditions can eventually rob some of our ability to remember key events. 


Researchers at Northwestern University say there may be a way to stop this eventual decline: just be happy. 

The study reveals people who are more cheerful suffer less memory loss as they age. The results show that those who are enthusiastic and cheerful – a state psychologists call “positive affect” – are less likely to have steep declines in their memory as time passes. 


Previous studies have also shown positive connections between brain health and staying positively engaged. One such study reveals seniors who frequently participate in social activities have more healthy brain matter. On the other side of this equation, previous reports have shown people who suffer “negative affect” may do damage to their brains. 


A study in September reveals people dealing with anxiety and mood disorders are more likely to develop dementia. (Psychological Science)