If You’re A Bad Driver, It’s Your Parents’ Fault

See, its not your fault

A new study by Vinci found that if you’re a terrible driver, it’s probably because you learned from watching them drive badly.


Here’s what they determined about bad driving:


1.  65% of young drivers said their parents had the biggest influence on how they drive.  25% said it was a driver’s ed teacher, and 10% said it was a friend or family member other than their parents.


2.  75% of people who have issues with road rage said their parents do too.


3.  37% of people who’ve seen their parents drive drunk admitted they’ve also done it.  That’s about three times higher than people who’ve never seen their parents drink and drive.


4.  71% of people who’ve seen their parents come close to falling asleep behind the wheel said they’ve almost done it too.


5.  And you’re more likely to copy how your dad drives, even though we think our mom is a better driver.


On average, people gave their mom’s driving skills an 8.1 out of 10, compared to 7.8 out of 10 for their dad.  And 29% said they’ve gotten scared while their dad was driving, compared to 20% for moms.