IKEA And Pizza Hut Have Teamed Up And Turned Those Little Tables You Get In The Middle Of The Pizza Box Into Actual Tables.

This is so cool!

We’ve all seen them in a pizza box, they’re called pizza savers, and they were invented to ensure that your pizza doesn’t get smooshed from the top of the box.  It also allows for pizzas to be stacked onto of each other when people are ordering more than one pie.

Ikea and Pizza Hut have made three-legged, white tables that look just like the ones in pizza boxes, except, you know, they’re big enough to be real tables.   Each table is also packaged in a box that resembles a pizza box!


But the only place to get them right now is at IKEA and Pizza Hut locations in Hong Kong.


The idea is being well received on social with Starbuck even weighing in on the idea!