IKEA Is Selling A Chocolate Easter Bunny- But There’s A Catch!

BUT- you have to build it!

As we get ready to celebrate the Easter season with Lent beginning this Wednesday and Easter on April 20th- IKEA is here to help us celebrate!

Oh IKEA- The furniture store we love to hate!  Everything down to a lamp comes with detailed instructions with pictures in multiple languages that none of us can assemble without dropping a few f-bombs along the way…

To make us feel better about our furniture fails, IKEA has produced a chocolate bunny that you build with the promise that it will be easy!

The VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate bunny comes in three flat pieces that appears to be quite simple to assemble unlike their book shelves!

The three-ounce dessert (dinner) sells for under $3. And you can’t order them online, so off to the store you go !