Internet Scams Reaching “Epidemic Proportions”

South Simcoe Police hoping To Educate Public On Common Scams

South Simcoe Police say Internet scams in the area are reaching epidemic proportions. the Service is retelling the story of three Bradford residents duped by Internet scams in the hopes of avoiding more victims.

The first, an elderly woman, new to the Internet, Who had that Microspft repair box pop up With advice to connect with a service advsior and allow remote access to her computer. A half hour and 245 dollars later, she realized she’d been scammed and may have lost banking information and passwords in the meantime.

Another got the email from Revenue Canada advsising she still owed back taxes. She clicked a link and offered up eprsonal info befroe realizing what was going on.

The third sent 500 dollars to someone in Ottawa to hold a motorcycle being offered for sale on Kijiji. The seller then became evasive, and the buyer saw an ad for the same motorcycle… In Ottawa.

To learn more about these and other scams floating out there, hit up the Canadian Anti-Fraud website.