Jump Jump!

Remember in the early 90s when Chris Cross made it cool to wear your pants and t-shirt backwards?

Fast-forward thirty years later and a fashion brand in New York invented a new shoe you can wear backwards.  

No matter which ends you put your foot in, it’s still functional footwear.

If you wear them like normal, they’re open-toed sneakers.  That alone is pretty weird. 

If you wear them the other way, they’re sandals.  But it looks like you’ve got your shoes on backwards.

They’re called the “BWD” shoe, short for “backward,” we assume.  It’s from the brand MSCHF.  (pronounced “mischief”)  They’re the same company selling those big red boots that make you look like a cartoon character.  So they specialize in weird stuff.

Their new backward shoes will cost $135 and hit their website on April 11th.