Introducing The RollBot From Charmins!

Never get stuck on the toilet without TP again!

Never fails, you are doing your business when you reach for the toilet paper only to realize- there isn’t a square to spare…

Thankfully Charmins, the makers of a wonderful TP brand has come up with a solution  so you never have to drip dry again.

Introducing the RollBot- a robot that brings you a new roll-so you’ll never be left behind again.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a TP emergency, you alert the Rollbot via your smartphone using an app.  The Rollbot has infrared sensors to navigate around your home, using the bluetooth technology- it will find you!

Don’t forget to pre-load the rollBot ahead of time. 

The new Rollbot is a prototype that is being unveiled at the Consumer technology conference in Las Vegas right now…